Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Create a warming patio retreat that fits your style and your budget with one or more of Patio Comfort Elements’ fully functional and beautiful outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Utilizing your finish choices, these customizable units are tailored to fit your outdoor living style. Create a relaxing mood for your outdoor living spaces while extending your outdoor season into chilly evenings and cooler temperature months.

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Enjoy the warmth and natural beauty of an outdoor fireplace constructed to fit your space and budget. These beautiful outdoor fireplaces will be the centerpiece of your outdoor retreat. Custom-made to your specifications, our fireplaces are constructed of fully-welded aluminum tubing. All fireplaces may be purchased frame-only or frame-covered with cement board cladding. A stainless steel firebox that burns wood or gas is also available.

Outdoor Fireplace Construction . . .


Outdoor Gas Log Sets

All Patio Comfort Elements outdoor gas log sets are appropriate for outdoor use in a fireplace on a screened porch, deck or patio. They are available in standard 18″ and 24″ sets. LP or Natural Gas, and are OMNI approved. The WESTERN BLAZE-H is only available in 24″ for Natural Gas only.

Patio Comfort Elements stainless steel burners are made of the highest quality, heavy-duty, 304 stainless steel and will not rust.

CAPE FEAR OAK has handsome and intricately detailed logs appropriate for outdoor use.
WESTERN BLAZE-H log set is a combination of a variety of split logs with a slight charred look. The logs can be stacked without a grate for a “bonfire” look.
TEXAS CHARRED OAK is highlighted by two large front logs with intricate bark details.
WESTERN BLAZE-DG utilized the same variety of split logs with a slightly charred look as the Western Blaze-H but on a different burner system. This log set also sits on a grate for a more traditional look.